Artmeditate | Paintings for Meditation
Artmeditate | Paintings for Meditation
Discover the art of Marlis Ladurée and begin your meditation with a Mandala

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Meditate with the
Mandalas of Marlis Ladurée


The "ArtMeditate" concept with Marlis Ladurée printed Mandalas

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ArtMeditate is the first ArtConcept designed to help your meditation.
It was created under the direction of Marlis Ladurée, specialist of contemporary Mandalas.
Whether you are interested or practiced, you will find a Mandala for guide you in your meditation
and illuminate your home or your wellness work space.

The certificate of authenticity guarantees that this is a reproduction of an original
and authentic painting by Marlis Ladurée.
Certified reproduction of professional quality is signed and certified by the artist.


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been shown to be beneficial for very successful and happy people. Thousands of studies have proven the positive impact on our health and well-being.

Meditation with a Mandala

The secret of a Mandala lies in its circular structure organized around a central point. It gives an image of order and a sense of wonder that can guide you to contemplation.


Find your Mandala

Discover through your chosen Mandala the magic of the human psyche and its hidden scheme, to help you understand who you are and to achieve your personal and professional development.

The Mandala opens our hearts, our souls and our consciousness as a portal to another universe, our own personal universe, and helps us to discover this wonderful world that is infinite in us. They also help us to better understand and love ourselves and to love each other around us.
— Marlis Ladurée

Choose the right Mandala

According to some Tibetan monks, it's no coincidence that we choose a Mandala. They are chosen with a certain affinity.
A natural attraction is spontaneously exerted on a Mandala created by our own personality and built from our existence.


There seems to be a real osmosis between us and our chosen Mandala.
This relationship naturally generates the beneficial effect of Mandala: peace, tranquility and well-being.

Look at the Mandala slowly from the outside, clockwise and like a spiral. Take your time. Follow the path from the outside to the inside with your eyes. Observe the different forms, the variety of their expression, their organization, the colors, remember the conscious and rhythmic breathing
— Marlis Ladurée

The Artist


Marlis Ladurée

Marlis Ladurée has exhibited in many countries, including UNESCO in Paris,
the United Nations in Geneva and the roof of La Grande Arche in La Défense near Paris,

where her art has contributed to the promotion of peace, spirituality,
creativity, imagination and visionary art.

Marlis focuses on signs and symbols, the most energetic and most evocative being the Mandala. With her great talent and exceptional sensitivity, Marlis’ work exudes a subtle radiance, reinforced by the glazing technique, which gives her art a remarkable light and depth.

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