Artmeditate series #6 - Brigitte Neveux


Hatha Yoga and  meditation

« For some people, the fundamental need of the world, much deeper than a social, political or economic readjustment, is a spiritual awakening, a return to faith » Shri Mahesh[1] .


In the discipline of Hatha Yoga, meditation is not only to learn a technique and control "tools" such as asana, pranayama ... it is the exercise of mindfulness allowing experience of interiority and knowledge of one's own nature. It is the choice of perseverance and the courage of inner silence experience, of respectful silence.

This is acquired by being relaxed and vigilant at the same time. Shri Mahesh used to specify "make an effort in relaxation and be relaxed in the effort”.

The goal is to especially achieve calm and to reach Peace by a deep concentration. We are far from notions of relaxation, well-being, comfort ... Nevertheless, they remain a first possible step towards yoga, especially in the context of nowadays life. Then, through practice and study comes self-awareness - who am I? Why am I here? Then, little by little, another reality is being discovered and developed. For believers, this is turning their life to the Spirit, to the presence of God. For everyone, this means accepting silence and achieving peace with oneself, with others, with the world around us .

1  “L’Inde notre heritage” Shri Mahesh

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Brigitte Anne NEVEUX

       Chairwomen FFHY

1  “L’Inde notre heritage” Shri Mahesh

Marlis Ladurée