Artmeditate series #4 - Micheline Flak


The power of  Mandalas


The mandala is present in all civilisations. It has always fascinated artists and mystics, primitive people as well as children worldwide, all attracted by its beauty and harmony. The secret of mandala lies in its circular structure organized around a central point. It radiates an image of order and a sense of wonder which may lead you to contemplation. Marlis’ vision is recapturing in her paintings the power of mandalas for your own bliss and well-being.


How to Meditate with Marlis’ Mandalas

Select a painting for your meditation.

 Either in the sitting or upright position, remain totally immobile.

 Bring your awareness to the centre of your chosen picture.

 Gaze at it silently counting mentally up to ­­60 or even 90 seconds.

Then close your eyes.

Turn your attention towards the after image appearing behind your forehead.

In your inner space, watch a kaleidoscope of splendid forms and colours where stars and flowers mingle in a magic show.

Look at it silently for a while till it dissolves.

Experience an exquisite moment of joy, peace and love.

Then open your eyes and feel rejuvenated.

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                                                             Micheline Flak

                                                                             Bihar  School of Yoga


Marlis Ladurée