Artmeditate series #1 - Viviane Tourtet


Meditation… so simple… so good

This is the good time to start meditating, we are more inclined to stay at home and it is there that’s it is nice to settle down, to take care of our body and mind. To meditate is to put one’s life in the outer world within brackets, even for a short time, to come out soothed, grown up, animated by harmony and beauty. To meditate is the happiness of a rendez-vous with oneself, with the Inner Child that we too often forget!

Meditation enables us over time to realize that we can change, open ourselves, have another perspective on the Other, on the world that surrounds us. While concentrating and letting us go to contemplation, we enable our creativity to express itself.

In the alleys of meditation, we will also discover meaning in our lives, the beauty and sacredness of our being whose potentialities are only waiting to unfold. We will also feel the link that unites us with the entire humanity, to those before us and to those to come.

With meditation, we will learn humility, the language of the heart, the greatness of the Earth and the deep joy we need so much. And did you know that meditation is beneficial for health?

So, switch off your mobile and meet in your sacred place!

Are you ready to start your meditation journey ?

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Viviane Tourtet
Art therapist
Former editor of Nouvelles de l’Inde, Embassy of India, Paris

Marlis Ladurée