Copie de Alignement

Copie de Alignement


Printed Edition signed by the artist

·       Framed with white wood and plexiglass

·       Size (cm) : 32,7 cm x 32,7 cm
·       Window size (cm) : 19,5 cm x 19,5 cm

.       Size (inches) : 12,87 in x 12,87 in
.       Window size( inches) : 7,68 in x 7,68 in

Made in France
Certified professional quality print

Quote of the artist : “ Meditation on this mandala may stimulate awareness of the beginning and the end of cosmic creation and opens our heart to love of universe and all life within it.”

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This Mandala was created for the mysterious year of 2012, the Great Galactic Alignment. This was a famous year for the Maya calendar with astrological predictions, as in 2012 all our planets were aligned and the Maya calendar was ending. The myth was that on 21st December 2012, the Sun would align with the center of the Milky Way, which only happens once every 25,772 years. It was claimed that the Maya knew about this and set their long count calendar to end on this day because the alignment would cause something to happen. Across the globe there was a lot of speculation surrounding this, however it was not all positive! For me this galactic alignment did not mean the end, but the just the beginning of a new positive era for humankind. I believe when lines are created, energies can flow better and faster, and so these cosmic energies can be beneficial to humanity's psyche to allow for new positive thoughts and awareness.


Symbolism of colors:

Blue is the color of infinity, eternity, transparency and imagination. It is also the symbol of dreams, wisdom, truth, fidelity and creativity. The color blue is the color of trust and responsibility. Blue is dedicated to divinity and to the unmanifest. It's the purest and coldest color.

Red is the symbol of energy, life, blood and fire. It's the color of the soul, the libido and the heart. It’s also the color of science and secret science, esoteric knowledge and nobility. This color also symbolizes beauty, strength, youth and health: it is the vitalising power and it’s a warm color.

The symbolism of ultramarine blue makes us think of the universality of the universe.


Meditation and advantage:

Meditation on this Mandala can stimulate awareness of the beginning and the end of cosmic creation and opens our heart to love of Universe and all life within it.