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Cosmos Collection

The Mandala is a true optical representation and visualization of the universe. Its center represents unity, its rotation and periphery are diversity, solar systems and galaxies, cosmic immensity.

"I've always been inspired by the sky, the stars and the space. It's a constant source of inspiration for my creativity.
My artistic visualization of the universe is transmitted in my cosmic Mandalas along with the intense emotion that I perceive while pondering it ". 

We often look at the sky and this observation often leads us into contemplation. We experience feelings and emotions, which plunge us into real and deep meditations. There is something within us that refocuses, much like when we get lost within a Mandala.


Meditation on this Mandala can stimulates awareness of the beginning and the end of cosmic creation and opens your heart to love of universe and all life within it.

La Luna

Meditation on this Mandala refers to the feminine energy.  Creativity, develops her individuality, strengthens her personality, bringing the individual to experience in method, discipline, patience, faithfulness and perseverance, through eternal cycles, repetition.


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Flowers Collection

We find the architecture of Mandalas reflected in the essential structures of the plant world. Just look at the shapes of buds or marvelous flowers, the section of a branch, a root, a trunk or even a fruit. They clearly show links with the archtecture of a Mandala. 

"The immense diversity of shapes and colors of the floral world allows me to express my love of nature. I deeply feel the symbolism of the flowers that I reproduce in my Mandalas”.

The lotus and the rose, symbols of wisdom, purity and love, throughout history were represented in all of the arts. In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus expresses the purity of body, speech and spirit. Meditation on a lotus Mandala may brings harmony to the mind, body and soul. It opens the heart to a new consciousness.

Méditation à Tahiti

Meditation on this Mandala can mentally swiftly transports you from one place to another, where all problems and stress are transformed into joy and happiness, as if you were on holiday. When you open your eyes you can feel all your happiness within you


Meditation on this Mandala can open our mind, body and soul like a thousand of petals, and it opens the heart to a new higher consciousness within ourselves.
It allows us to better love ourselves and others.


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Yantra & Chakra Collection

Passionate about Asia, the symbolism of sacred writings, Hinduism and Buddhism, Marlis focus on signs and symbols. The Yantras consist of a series of geometric patterns that are celebrated. They are a hypnotic design used in meditation. Chakra are known to refer to "spiritual centers" or "junctions" of energy channels in the body.

"We now know that the geometric shapes of the Yantra very quickly affect our brain and our mind. I paint Yantra because I am very sensitive to the power they generate. My practice of Yoga and meditation naturally pushed me to paint representations of Chakra to visualize my own centers and energy streams, thus working towards their harmonization ". 

Manipura Chakra

Those who intensely focuse and meditate on this Chakra can gain the capacity of discovering secret treasures. The great yogi Swami Shivananda says that “such a person will not be touched by any disease. He or she will not fear fire. Even if such a person stays in the middle of a burning fire, he or she will not die, nor fear death. His or her will and strength are amazing.” But the artist do not advise you to try!

Durga Yantra

The power rays of Durga Yantra can stimulate your courage. It can protect you from various dangers and gives you success and victory in all your projects.


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