Marlis Ladurée

Born in West Berlin, Marlis Ladurée arrived in France in 1978, where she was to become one of the first artists to paint contemporary Mandalas, her first experience with the 'magical circle - the esoteric diagrammes'

For many years the artist completed her studies at the LOUVRE workshops and dedicated herself to the glaze technique, technique of the « Renaissance » and for history of art at « l’Ecole de Louvre ».

The Mandalas of Marlis Ladurée are works that enlighten us and their power is supported by meditation. When creating them, Marlis Ladurée focuses all her attention and energy on the canvas by incorporating her meditation in her art.

An internationally renowned artist: she was at the forefront of artists interested in painting contemporary Mandalas. Passionate about Asia, the symbolism of sacred scriptures, Hinduism and Buddhism, Marlis focuses on signs and symbols and the most energetic, the most evocative is the Mandala. With her great talent and exceptional sensitivity, Marlis’ work has a subtle radiance, reinforced by the technique of glazing, that gives her art a remarkable light and depth.

Painting is for me an opportunity to focus and liberate my mind. When I paint I enter in a meditation state. I let myself be guided by the sacred symbols and divinity of Hindhuism and Buddhism, and begin to draw holy circles
— Marlis Ladurée

Marlis studied the teaching of Yoga at the French Hatha Yoga Federation of Shri Mahesh, and graduated in 1989. During this time she became interested in Mandalas, thanks to a conference at the school based on the subject.  Marlis focused her studies on her own memory: "Mandalas and Yoga of children", hence the title of her first artistic creation: a Mandala entitled "Memory".

Marlis has confidently taught yoga to children and adults, however since graduating she has truly devoted herself to her artistic work: contemporary Mandalas.

Marlis continues to practice yoga and meditation each morning for at least an hour. She has been dedicated to inspiring and introducing others to these practices,
which are essential in her appreciation for life. For Marlis, this is a vital need and a ritual that has become embedded in her soul.

Main Collective & Personnal Exhibition 

Since 1993, Marlis Ladurée has exhibited her works in many countries including UNESCO in Paris,
the United Nations in Geneva and the Grande Arche roof-top in La Défense near Paris,
where her art contributed to the promotion of peace, spirituality, creativity, imaginery and visionary art.


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